Freed citas

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Weekly Reminder Post 04/03

2019.04.03 18:38 DashingFlame Weekly Reminder Post 04/03

Hello once again. This week we have a new collaboration incoming, I'm sure most of you will just love dealing with owlbear. Here's what do finish today and what to look forward to. Reminder about maintenance which starts 3 hrs before reset
Ends this Thursday
Event Reward Where to obtain
Free Unit: Amaterasu Soul shards in Sun God episode 1-5
Free swimsuit skins for Amaterasu and Lisbeth Episode 5 quest mission for Amaterasu, and milestone for Lisbeth
Free Gear: White Lily Katana For Whom the Princess Weeps [EX3]
Free Gear: Cupid Bow Eros Phantom of the Alchemist II [EX5]
Ends next Thursday
Starts this Thursday
Day Soul shards for
Thursday EO Chloe
Friday Chloe
Saturday Elizabeth
Sunday Rosa
Monday Harbringer
Tuesday Vettel
Wednesday Sovereign
Think I got everything. Personally not that excited about the collab, but hey we'll probably get some enlightenment shards to hoard
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2019.03.27 19:21 DashingFlame Weekly Reminder Post 03/27

Hello again, Dashing here again with the summary of what content to wrap up and what to look forward to. Let's get right into it
Ends this Thursday
Ends next Thursday
Event Reward Where to obtain
Free Unit: Amaterasu Soul shards in Sun God episode 1-5
Free swimsuit skins for Amaterasu and Lisbeth Episode 5 quest mission for Amaterasu, and milestone for Lisbeth
Free Gear: White Lily Katana For Whom the Princess Weeps [EX3]
Free Gear: Cupid Bow Eros Phantom of the Alchemist II [EX5]
Starts this Thursday
Think that's it on what's in the news. We should be getting the April Fools event with Lizardman soon, if it's not this week it will be in the next one
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2019.03.20 17:26 DashingFlame Weekly Reminder Post 03/20

Hello again, it's this time of the week again. We have a PotK rerun coming up and even more JEs so our compasses cry. Let's see what to finish today and what to expect.
Ends this Thursday
Ends next Thursday
Starts this Thursday
There is a lot of info here so I'll try to break it down as much as possible. I'll break it down into the 3 titles separately, depending what the unit is from. EX stages are wonky and grouped up together differently even when the unit is from different title
Event Reward Where to obtain
Free Unit: Amaterasu Soul shards in Sun God episode 1-5
Free swimsuit skins for Amaterasu and Lisbeth Episode 5 quest mission for Amaterasu, and milestone for Lisbeth
Free Gear: White Lily Katana For Whom the Princess Weeps [EX3]
Free Gear: Cupid Bow Eros Phantom of the Alchemist II [EX5]
Think I got everything, maybe I'll finally finish Masamune this time and finish some more battlefield dramas. As always feel free to comment on my format, dunno if I should just throw the table together by what tab they appear on or based on when unit first appeared
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2019.01.07 16:16 EggyT0ast Tier List update, Jan 3 (POTK D.Tyrfing, Artemis, Longinus, and JE part 1)

Edit: whoops, forgot Cita!
In an effort to keep the tier list transparent and notify when there are updates, here's this week's updates to the tier list, available here:
The tier list was built by Game with help from others, and is continued on by myself, OriksGaming, and ミュゼ. We discuss the new units, changes to potential other units, and so forth. While we try not to let our personal opinion carry too much sway, as with all tier lists this is still based on an opinion.

Dark Tyrfing

Although her build is extremely straightforward, Dark Tyrfing is very strong in her element thanks to having pure PATK scaling, 4-move, reasonable AGI given her HP bulk, a strong reactive, and her "guts cheese" means that once she gets the Warrior job unlocked (and can run a passive that actually does something for her), she gets a significant boost. Before that, she's still OK for her Guts skill but her damage and durability will be notably lacking.
Having 600 PATK and 1.4x PATK scaling, even though she doesn't have a ton of skills, still results in significant damage output, and her Guts skill can make her "unkillable" with a good support team. You can get her into enemy territory and, if things go sour, just use her Guts skill and, thanks to the AI targeting units that it think it can kill, her reactive will go nuts for a turn. For PvE, you can then just pop an item to heal up on her next turn. For these reasons, at 75 she lands at SS.


Longinus is pretty bad right now. Not only is she slow, she's not really much better than Lamia with her J+ or Forcas, especially with Forcas's burst damage and multi-hit, multi-use WA. She tops out at B right now, due to Dark Knight being a bad job with outdated passives and Dragon Cav having poor synergy at this point with Sacred Spearman.
Which all changes when Dragon Cavalier [Rudra] drops for her. This JE changes her preferred main job, letting her more fully utilize the Pierce +2 on Dragon Cav and letting her run the Sacred Spearman sub skills for additional pierce-based skills (with admittedly "unique" AOEs). She also gets 2 teleporting moves which greatly help her otherwise low AGI. Thanks to the relatively high damage from Over Limit and Pierce +2, she breaks out ahead of other Water units and gets re-slotted to S.
As this JE is not yet available in GL, we've marked it tentatively in Blue.


Artemis doesn't get a JE in the next few weeks; she already has hers. In short, she runs like a worse Ryle as she has no Master Ability. Her LS helps her and a few other Wind units, but there are many strong limited Wind units that perform simply better than she does. She does not really improve in the future, either. If you REALLY wanted to, you could run her with the Dancer passive to keep the Falcon hitrate debuff up longer, but that's extremely niche -- it's better to just kill enemies than try to get them to miss your units.
Still, she's fast, getting up into the 170s for AGI, and can run with either range or evasion. Thanks to the JE, she starts at A.


As her JE is in Ninja, which she doesn't run and adds nothing of importance to her build options, Sakura sees no change in her ranking.


Although people don't seem to like Forcas, and her JE is the bad Miroku, her ranking also does not change. She is still one of the tankiest units in Water, and her charge up + WA is ridiculously strong considering she can use it twice. If you really want to use [Miroku], you can still benefit from her tankiness by just running Barrier of Einherjar, so she has a little job flexibility. It's enough to keep her at S (for now).


Getting the jump-based Vermillion Bird is good on some levels. Very few. Not enough for a change in rank either direction.


No change in rank, but getting Ranger [Serpent] moves her back to her primary job as the preferred build, as the JE has better stats, she has direct competition from Eve as a HB (trading HP for AGI), and being able to do a sharpening focus + shackle rain does good damage and strong jewel damage. It's no null grenade, but it's good. Not good enough to change her rank given the other strong fire units we have now, but she stays at her current S.


HB [Shura] can do amazing things for damage, to the point that when you run Cita as a HB, she can outdamage Shayna and other top performers. Combining Strike Mastery +2 and Chopping Spirit makes the difference here. That does require her to run as HB main, though, putting her in direct competition with Lucian, Yomi, and Envy, all of whom have their own quirks (for better or worse). Similarly, Shayna gets MOVE+1 simply for hitting level 80 and spending 90 AP. For most content we still feel that running Cita as Pirate is better, thanks to the very good skills on Pirate Main, and while she may be at the top of the HB crew in Wind, at this point she is still S.


Like Bashosen and Sakura, her Ninja JE does nothing for her. No change in ranking.


Ranger [Lupus] is niche, but so is Eros. It improves her slightly and is her preferred job anyway, so you can kill beasts from very far away at least. No change in rank.

Dark Princess Yomi

A weird unit that actually gets an increase in ranking thanks to her JE. Getting Ranger [Serpent] lets DP Yomi do a turn 1 Shackle Rain thanks to the merchant How's Business sub, and while the damage isn't great, being Dark means she won't be easily resisted and can null out the jewels for many units and enemies. Furthermore, she can still run the Merchant sub and get Poison Pill, which is otherwise only available in Dark from Mirianne.
If you have Mirianne and use her for Poison Pill, you probably shouldn't pull for DP Yomi, but thanks to [Serpent] and more stages with dark-only requirements and CC brings her up to A.

Other stuff

The free 4 star this month, Edwin is marginally more useful compared to Chiruru. The only Holy Cavalier we have in Dark, he gets the very bad [Ark] JE. He can be run two ways: a tanky Warrior (using Chopping Spirit and Divine Shelter) or as a plain Holy Cav. Whether you want to upgrade his Holy Cav is up to you -- if you plan to use him at all. It doesn't change his ranking -- he's currently at B, since he is slow and Dark does better just killing things.
Thanks to her J+ and MA, she gets bumped up to A. She can roll as a free Mielikki, or using her J+ she can do a little Merchant work, some healing, and decent damage.
Celliers was forgotten about last month. Oops! It's ok, though, because you probably also forgot about him. He is in all ways a much worse Freed. You can run him as a very mobile Dragon Cavalier, getting 5 move, and then when he gets deep in enemy territory you'll see how low his damage is. And then he'll die. He's currently at B.

Future Adjustments

With the Dragon Cav JEs on the horizon, we expect a number of units to rise in rank. This will also correspond with some other units (possibly some of the ones above) getting edged out and moving down a rank.
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2018.11.24 05:53 stewart0 JE Farming Breakdown

It's a good time to take advantage of the double drops for the JE equipment diagrams. It is worth paying attention when farming to what is dropping, as some JEs have far less units with it than others. I made a compilation of the information from the posts by u/Alsark, Wytesong's Compendium, and the wiki, so the information should be pretty sound.
The stages have 8 rattys, and 3 of those tend to drop up to 8 diagrams normally in my experience. The other 5 drop either a couple diagram pieces or up to 4 coins normally. If hunting for just one JE, the ideal drops should be around 48 pieces and 40 coins during double drops. Retreating is advisable if you are getting a lot for one job that only has a few units with it, like Porta, Jaegar, or Black Tortoise and don't have an immediate need for it or are close to the cap. You don't want to end up like me where you almost have more Isaiyah diagrams than there are units with the JE. Yell if there are any errors.
Edit: Maintained currently on my sotry drops Sheet ->> Link

Holy Cavalier
JE Currently Available Future update Unreleased Units Total
Isaiyah Vettel, Fraise Monzein 3
Porta Teona Lambert Arthur 3
David Zeke Reiner, Bado 3
Magi Victor Gladiolus Teresa 3
Pieta Chloe Miuna Izayoi 3
Ark Alphonse Edwin, Don Taras 3

Dark Cavalier
JE Currently Available Future update Unreleased Units Total
Guernica Glanz, Suzuka, King Bradley Yuunagi BK Masamune 5
Jaeger Leoniaz Mei Fang Itsuki 3
Zeele Zahar, Annika Balt Blitz, Gilford, Niggle 6
Espion Ravina Anastasia Chat Noir, Rusha, Cordelia, Merlinus 6
Faust Ramses, Zofia Masamune, Zeke Ankh 5

Holy Brawler
JE Currently Available Future update Unreleased Units Total
Miroku Yomi, Envy Shekinah, Forcas Wong 5
Fudo Eizan, Edward, Daisy Freed, Blanchett, Hayate Itsuki 7
Senju Eve Gormalas, Leoniaz, Yauras, Zangetsu, Kazahaya Thomas 7
Shura Shayna Kudanstein, Cita Lotia 4

JE Currently Available Future update Unreleased Units Total
Qilin Reida, Lucido Victor, Laevateinn Thetis, Wilhelm 6
Black Tortoise Kazahaya, Magnus Rosa Kevin 4
Vermilion Bird Mizuchi, Roy Mustang Bashosen, Glanz, Reimi, Yuri, Etna 7
White Tiger Mikoto Mia Celliaz, Ira 4
Azure Dragon Thillie, D'Artagnan Suzuka, Sakura 4

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2018.11.16 21:13 Alsark Kaigan/Enlightenment Preparation Thread

Note: If you don't care about the details and want to jump straight to how to prepare now, just towards the bottom of this post (titled How to Prepare Now).
It has been hinted in the producer letter last week that we may be getting Kaigan, Nensou, or both in the spring: "Unlike V2.0 update that primarily focus on UX overhaul, V3.0 will expand on unit progression, especially with improvements toward older existing units. As a result we have started scaling up the difficulty and rate of content release in preparation for its release."
Maybe we won't be getting Kaigan yet. Japan got there's at the two year mark, and we've just hit the first year mark. However, I'm a man who likes to be prepared, and so, I've decided to go ahead and prepare for Kaigan regardless. As a quick note, the Nensou that I mentioned earlier are called "memory cards", and are sort of like a 4th gear that is mostly obtained through gacha. More on that here. You can't really pre-prepare for Nensou (though you might need to prepare your wallet), so I won't focus on that here.
So what is Kaigan/Enlightenment? Kahare made a great video here that goes into detail, but for a brief summary, it allows you to get your unit to level 91. You can also open up three doors/gates (seven are planned, but Japan still only has 3): Envy, Sloth, and Lust. Each door has 6 levels, plus a bonus when you reach the 6th level. Notably, people don't really consider the 1st level (unlocking the door) as a level. So when people say "5/2/5", that means 6 Envy, 3 Sloth, and 6 Lust as you would see it on alchemistcodedb (and the table below).
Envy: Envy focuses on raising the unit's stats. Requires LB 25, unit level 85.
Sloth: Sloth focuses on buffing one of the unit's passives. Requires J11 for the job of whichever passive it buffs. Requires Envy level 3.
Lust: Lust focuses on buffing the unit's leader skill. Requires Sloth level 3.
Now let's move onto the item requirements. Before I list them out, there are three new types of resources that you need to be aware of. To unlock the doors, you need to do spend a "Circle of Truth". These come in three colors: blue (for 1-3 star units), yellow (for 4 star units), and red (for 5 star units). For a five star unit, unlocking also requires 10 rainbow golems, 10 rainbow pots, 30 golems of the unit's elemental color, 30 Soul Alchemia, and 500000 Zeni. This puts you at level 1 for all gates, which gives you +2 to your max level for each gate (so level 91 is the max level since there are 3 gates).
To level up within the doors, you'll also need country flags past level 2. This corresponds to the country that the unit is from, so you'll have Wratharis flags, Envylia flags, etc. Next are sin idols. These correspond to the gate that you're unlocking. These resources are similar to the soul alchemia, pots, and golems that we currently have - there is a dedicated level that will drop these resources for you. Finally, you have sin indulgences. This will be your limiting factor. When Kaigan first becomes available, these will be given out quite sparingly. As time goes on they become a little more readily available, but you still can't just hand them out like candy.
Onto the list! These requirements are consistent across unit rarity, so Elaine will cost just as much after the initial unlock as Zahar, for example. A brief overview of terminology here: jars are the middle level of pots, mana golems are the middle level of golems, and soul alchemia are the third (of four) level of alchemia. Then you have pots, soul golems, and arcane alchemia as your top level. The doors don't use the lower level items. When I say "elemental", I'm referring to the unit's element, so wind/fire/water, as opposed to rainbow.
Door Level/Item Envy Sloth Lust
Soul Shards: 5 5 5
Idols: 5 5 5
Alchemia: n/a 10 Soul 10 Soul
Golems: 10 Mana (Elemental) n/a n/a
Zeni: 250000 250000 250000
Soul Shards: 10 10 10
Flags: 5 5 5
Idols: 10 10 10
Pots: 10 Jar (Elemental) 10 Pot (Elemental) 10 Jar (Elemental)
Zeni: 400000 400000 400000
Soul Shards: 15 15 15
Flags: 5 10 5
Idols: 15 15 15
Alchemia: n/a n/a 5 Arcane
20 Soul
Pots: 5 Jar (Rainbow) 5 Jar (Rainbow)
Golems: 10 Mana (Elemental)
Zeni: 750000 750000 750000
Soul Shards: 20 20 20
Flags: 5 15 5
Idols: 20 20 20
Alchemia: 10 Arcane n/a 20 Soul
Pots: n/a 5 Pot (Rainbow) n/a
Golems: 5 Soul (Rainbow) n/a 5 Soul (Rainbow)
Zeni: 1500000 1500000 1500000
Soul Shards: 30 50 40
Flags: 20 50 20
Idols: 30 30 30
Alchemia: n/a 5 Arcane
Pots: n/a n/a 5 Pot (Rainbow)
30 Pot (Elemental)
Golems: 5 Soul (Rainbow) 30 Soul (Elemental)
20 Soul (Elemental)
Zeni: 5000000 10000000 8000000
Sin Indulgence: 1 2 2
I apologize that Reddit table formatting is kind of garbage. I'd like to say again, Sin Indulgences are not to be handed out lightly. So don't 5/5/5 a unit just for the heck of it - you need to be smart about using your Sin Indulgences.

How to Prepare Now

Now that that's out of the way, what's the tl;dr take away here? If you want to fully unlock all of the doors for one 5* character, you'll need the following of the current materials:
The good news is that very few characters you will want to get to 5/5/5 (fully maxed Kaigan). A lot of units run 5/2/3, 4/2/3, or 5/5/3. You're normally only finishing out Lust if the leadership ability is good, so x/x/5 is rare. If you do go 5/5/3, as the next closest example, you're reducing the cost of current materials compared to the above list by 60 soul shards, 30 Pots (Elemental), 5 Pots (Rainbow), 5 Soul Golems (Rainbow), 20 Soul Alchemia, 2 Sin Indulgence, and 9,500,000 Zeni.
Anyway, if you can have part of these requirements prepared in advance, you'll have a leg up on people who aren't ready for Kaigan. The soul shards are obviously the big ones here. You're going to want to start farming the characters you want to Kaigan before their Kaigan comes out, so that you're ready for it. If we assume that once a month we get a hard quest x2, you're looking at roughly two and a half months worth of soul shard farming for a full 5/5/5 Kaigan.
So yeah, you want to get a head start, but who do you know to get a head start on? Kaigan was released in Japan on January 27th, 2018, as part of their second year anniversary (the same time as Nensou).
Kaigan Unit Announcement Dates (usually a day before release):
Date Units
1/27/2018 Chloe, Vettel, Logi, Dias
2/15/2018 Cadanova, Victor, Dilga, Lambert, Decel, Elizabeth
2/27/2018 Zahar, Spica, Lamia, Vanekis, Sabereta
3/14/2018 Rosa, Magnus, Mia, Glanz, Freed, Blanchett
3/21/2018 Monzein, Seida
3/30/2018 Balt, Ramses, Lucian, Arkil, Retzius (Balt's J+ also gets a buff here)
4/10/2018 Yauras, Othima, Kagura
4/18/2018 Ryle, Aswald, Strie, Rahu, Ciel
4/25/2018 Flamel, Anastasia, Zeke
4/27/2018 Kanon, Kudanstein, Miuna, Basheeny
5/7/2018 Neica, Vivi
5/16/2018 Lupinus, Shayna, Sazuka, Albea, Vincent (Yauras' and Monzein's J+ also get a buff here)
5/29/2018 Jin, Izayoi, Setsuna, Reimei, Zangetsu
6/6/2018 Chao, Yunagi, Kazahaya
6/13/2018 Uzuma, Lucretia, Eve, Fraise, Veloz
6/28/2018 Yomi, Rin, Fujika, Acht, Itsuki
7/10/2018 Daisy, Ravina, Lofia, Noah (Strie's J+ also gets a buff here)
7/18/2018 Kureto (unreleased in global), Teona, Mielikki, Polin, Caris (Polin's J+ also gets a buff here)
8/2/2018 Zain, Vier, Black Chloe (unreleased in global), Shaman (unreleased in global), Reaper (unreleased in global), Fencer (unreleased in global)
8/9/2018 Sakura, Dark Princess Yomi, Gormalas, Shenmei, Rigalt, Hisham (unreleased in global), Gunner (unreleased in global), Princess (unreleased in global), Paladin (unreleased in global), Etrian Odyssey Shenmei (unreleased in global)
8/16/2018 Yuri, Amaterasu, Dorothea, Zofia, Nasario, Mirianne, Tsukuyomi (unreleased in global), Faylin (unreleased in global)
9/13/2018 Fung Liu
9/19/2018 Hazel, Tamamo, Milis, Rusha (unreleased in global)
10/1/2018 Reida, Reagan, Elrike, Richie, Belta (unreleased in global), Nina (unreleased in global)
10/10/2018 Olga, Klima, Priscilla, Alaia, Patty
10/19/2018 Almira, Mei Fang, Gyan, Aruba, Hayate, Melda
10/23/2018 Tyrfing, Black Tyrfing (unreleased in global), Longinus (unreleased in global)
10/31/2018 Sophia, Shekinah, Cita, Laevateinn, Black Laevateinn (unreleased in global), Artemis (unreleased in global), Black Artemis (unreleased in global)
11/7/2018 Masamune, Edgar, Bashosen, Leoniaz, Celine, Soleil, Megistos, Elaine, Strauss, Alexis, Alfred, Forcas, Eros, Justin (unreleased in global), Fealily (unreleased in global), Parashu (unreleased in global), Freikugel (unreleased in global)
11/13/2018 Deneb, Ennis, Meily, Emma (unreleased in global)
11/21/2018 Annerose, Ishuna, Margaret, Wong (unreleased in global), Kevin (unreleased in global), Aisha (unreleased in global)
11/29/2018 Courage, Amis, Cheryl (unreleased in global), Ren (unreleased in global), Carla (unreleased in global), Chat Noir (unreleased in global), Neferty (unreleased in global), Leticia (unreleased in global), Niguru (unreleased in global), Ira (unreleased in global), Ankh (unreleased in global)
12/05/2018 Hugo, Melia, Jake, Gane, Ange, Gato, Yuan, Scheherazade, Annika, Lucido, Lotia (unreleased in global)
12/12/2018 Carol, Michael, Birgitta, Alyu, Teresa (unreleased in global), Cordelia (unreleased in global)
12/18/2018 Leon, Blitz (unreleased in global), Tsang Lei (unreleased in global), Shirma (unreleased in global), Edwin (unreleased in global), Tethys (unreleased in global)
12/26/2018 Pride, King Bradley, Alphonse, Edward, Roy, Hawkeye, Envy
12/28/2018 Kuon, Mikoto, Eizan, Toritoh, Orion (unreleased in global), Rakina (unreleased in global), Pamera (unreleased in global), Ines (unreleased in global)
This list is up-to-date as of 12/30/2018. I'm not sure how often I will update this, so if it's out of date, you can find additional kaigans here. Just work your way back towards 12/28/2018 from there.
Keep in mind that just because Japan got their Kaigans in this order, with this high of a frequency, does not mean that global will follow in its footsteps, but it gives us a rough idea of what to prepare for.

Who to Prepare For

I'm only going to cover some of the earlier units in the above list here (3/14 and earlier):
The ones with asterisks get a fairly sizable bump in the Japanese tier list after their Kaigan. Zahar goes from A to SS. Mia goes from A to SS (but she also got an important Nensou + Nensou Gear (VCR) at the same time, so a lot of her jump was due to this). If you want to prepare beyond that, a good way is to go to this page. It lists out all of the Japanese tier lists. So take the tier list just before their Kaigan date in the above table, and compare it to the one just after the Kaigan date. That'll give you an idea of how much their Kaigan helps them.
I hope that this helps people out who want to prepare for Kaigan!
submitted by Alsark to AlchemistCodeGL [link] [comments]

2018.10.30 23:49 Alsark Job Enhancement Overview Part 2 - Holy Brawler and Ninja

This is part 2 of my job enhancement overview. You can view part 1, which covered Holy Cavalier and Dark Cavalier, here.
In my last overview, I made clear that the job mastery bonuses for job enhancements were minimal; so if you weren't using it as your main job, it's not worth it. It could be a difference in the Japanese game's statistics, but the case is different here. The Holy Brawler job enhancements give +~300 HP for the job masteries of the job enhancements, and the Ninja job enhancements give ~+200 HP. If the numbers are the same for global, these job enhancements could be worth it (assuming you have the resources) even if you're not using the job as your main job, and even if you get nothing out of the job in terms of passives or basic sub-skills. I'll double check these numbers in the unit planner when alchemistcodedb is updated for global. Yes, this was due to the Japanese HP rebalance. It's still in the case in global that if you're not going to use a unit's JE as the main job, and you're not going to get any useful basic sub-skills, reactions, or passives out of the JE, then it's not worth doing the JE, because the stat boost is insignificant. On the other hand, if you are using the JE as the main job, you get a pretty decent stat boost out of it.
Anyway, let's proceed. In the tables below, if an ability is changed, I'm only going to list changed stats. So for example, Weapon Crush -> Severed Blade. They're identical in damage, cost, area, and duration, so I'm not going to list that. I'm only going to list what is changed; but if I specifically spell something out in the original, and not in the new skill, then it means that the new skill doesn't have that (ex: Guard Stance gives PDEF, MDEF, healing, and evasion, whereas Diamond Formation trades all of that for Slash Resistance).
For stat boosts, I'm only going to list the real major ones, like MOVE +1 or built-in resistances. I will say though that the job equipment is often statistically quite a bit better compared to the normal job, but this differs for each job enhancement. The HP job mastery bonus is buffed for these job enhancements quite significantly, but the other stat bonuses are pretty negligible. If you're interested in seeing the stat differences, you can play around with the unit planner here (you'll need to use the Japanese version for now).
I took this information from a combination of wytesong's compendium and the Japanese alchemistcodedb. If the Japanese version differs from what we get in global, there may be some changes that I'll need to make after Thursday. I took the names from the news post we received in global, so those should be accurate.
I bounced some of my ideas off of the players in the Japanese Discord channel, so a huge thank you goes out to them.

Holy Brawler


Focused on healing and jewel regeneration.
Characters: Yomi, Shekinah, Forcas, Wong (when I have a character's name italicized, it means that the character will eventually get this job enhancement, but does not have it yet in global, or that the character is not available yet)
Old Skill New Skill
n/a Active: Chakra (2 charges, 0 cost, targets self and adjacent allies, height 2)
- n/a - Levels 1-20 = Heals 15% instantly, then grants 12% auto-heal and 5% auto-jewels for 3 turns Heals 10% instantly, then grants 8% auto-heal and 2% auto-jewels for 3 turns
The fact that Shakra costs 0 jewels is nice, but the 5% jewel regeneration is not that much. On a maxed out Yomi with a maxed out hat, you're looking at around 7 jewels per turn, for a total of 21 jewels. The instant 15% healing and 12% healing for 3 turns gives a nice bit of survivability, but you need to be in a situation where that's really going to help, and ideally if you have nothing else to do that turn, such as moving from one batch of enemies to the next. I'd say that this is the worst of the Holy Brawler jobs, as you should primarily be trying to kill things with a Holy Brawler, not acting as support.
This original review was for the Japanese version of Miroku, which is a buffed version of what we have. The buffed version isn't even good, so that said, our version is terrible. The only good things about the Miroku JE are that Chakra is a 0 jewel ability (but usually not worth using regardless). I wouldn't bother with Miroku unless you really want the stat boost.


Becomes stronger when near death.
Characters: Eizan, Edward, Freed, Blanchett, Daisy, Itsuki
Old Skill New Skill
n/a Passive: Fury Rage
- n/a - Level 1 = PATK +55% when at 25% HP or less
- n/a - Level 20 = PATK +70% when at 25% HP or less
n/a Active: Dance of the Immortal Bird (1 charge, 32 cost, targets self)
- n/a - Level 1-20 = +100 Guts
Active: Focused Palm (12 jewels, no cast speed) Active: Kung-Fu Fist (20 jewels, 600 cast speed, damage increase starts at 65% HP)
- Level 1 = 115% attack - Level 1 = 110-175% attack
- Level 20 = 125% attack - Level 20 = 125-190% attack
Reactive: Cross Counter Reactive: Cornered Rat (damage increase starts at 50% HP)
- Level 1 = 100% attack - Level 1 = 100-150% attack
- Level 20 = 100% attack - Level 20 = 110-160% attack
The way these skills work is kind of odd. For Kung Fu Fist, at 65% HP and above, they, at level 20, do the same amount of damage as the non-enhanced version of the job. Then, for each 1% of HP you go below 65%, you do +1% more damage. So at 1 HP, you're doing the full 190% damage. For Cornered Rat, the damage ticks up at 50%. It's noteworthy that with Cross Counter, level 1 and level 20 are identical. With Cornered Rat, you will want to level the skill up to 20 for the damage increase.
Anyway, Fudo isn't bad. You get a fairly decent damage boost when you're at low HP, and with Dance of the Immortal Bird, you should be able to pull off a turn for max damage unless multiple enemies hit you that turn. Fury Rage probably isn't worth it, as it's a really risky passive. It's usually doing nothing, so you kind of need to go out of your way to make it work.


Specialized with multi-attack skills.
Characters: Eve, Gormalas, Leoniaz, Yauras, Zangetsu, Kazahaya, Thomas
Old Skill New Skill
Active: Palm Shockwave (5 charges, 12 cost) Active: Triple Palm Strikes (3 charges, 26 cost)
- Level 1 = 100% attack, 1 hit - Level 1 = 46% attack per hit, 3 hits
- Level 20 = 110% attack, 1 hit - Level 20 = 54% attack per hit, 3 hits
Active: Exploding Palm Active: Explosive Triple Palm
- Level 1 = 105% attack, 1 hit - Level 1 = 36.75% attack per hit, 3 hits
- Level 20 = 115% attack, 1 hit - Level 20 = 40.25% attack per hit, 3 hits
Active (Basic): Whirlwind Kick (height: 1, 24 cost) Active (Basic): Gale Kick (height: 2, 36 cost)
- Level 1 = 105% attack, 1 hit - Level 1 = 44% attack per hit, 3 hits
- Level 20 = 115% attack, 1 hit - Level 20 = 52% attack per hit, 3 hits
Senju subs out three single hit skills for three three hit skills (that's a mouthful). These skills are going to do more damage than normal if you can get all three attacks to hit, but it should be noted that Triple Palm Strikes costs more and has fewer charges, and Gale Kick costs more (but does have 2 height instead of 1). These skills are also nice for metal enemies, who you'd likely be doing 1 damage to anyway, or for enemies who have a high dodge/evasion rate. There's really nothing too crazy going on here.


Specialized with motha-f'ing Sharpening Focus.
Characters: Shayna, Kudanstein, Cita, Lotia
Old Skill New Skill
Active (Basic): Sharpening Focus (12 cost) Active (Basic): Susanoo (20 cost)
- Level 1-20 = PATK +200% - Level 1 = PATK +400%, PDEF and MDEF -100%
"All" that Shura does is change Sharpening Focus... but that one change is amazing. Sure, if you get hit it might hurt, but you're quintupling your damage. It's most likely going to be overkill in the vast majority of scenarios, but it's a really handy ability for boss fights. Do note that it costs more than a normal Sharpening Focus. Something else I'd like to point out is that the buff (for both Sharpening Focus and Susanoo) has an "Action Start" duration of 2. That means the duration counts down at the start of each turn. So you get one "real" turn out of it, but the buff actually proceeds until the start of your following turn (useful for counter damage). The debuff on Susanoo, meanwhile, only has an Action Start duration of 1, so as soon as your next turn comes around (the full turn you'd be doing the buffed damage), the debuff has already lapsed.
So yeah, Shura is great. Plus, it's a basic skill that it modifies, so even if you're not running Holy Brawler as a main job, this is worth picking up.
WARNING: Due to the increased cost of Susanoo, Shayna (and probably the others) will lose the ability to open with Sharpening Focus + Supreme Battle Trance with a maxed out Wanderer's Hat. You'll need to hit an enemy, first.


One note with the ninja job enhancements... Spy is, in a lot of ways, the better version of Ninja, maybe not as directly as Holy Brawler to Martial Artist, but it's in a similar vein. Thus, it's odd that Ninja is the job enhancement job rather than Spy, but oh well.


Specialized for speed.
Characters: Reida, Lucido, Victor, Laevateinn, Thetis
Old Skill New Skill
n/a Passive: Runner's Resolve
- n/a - Level 1 = AGI +20%, PATK, PDEF, MATK, MDEF, DEX -3%, CRIT, and LUCK -2%
- n/a - Level 20 = AGI +25%, PATK, PDEF, MATK, MDEF, DEX -3%, CRIT, and LUCK -2%
Active: Utsusemi (cost 10) Active: Swift Cicada (cost 16)
- Level 1 = Evasion +10 - Level 1 = Evasion +10, AGI +10%
- Level 20 = Evasion +20 - Level 20 = Evasion +20, AGI +20%
Active (Basic): Shuriken (5 charges, 25 cost, missile damage, can crit, gets height advantage) Active (Basic): Shieldless (3 charges, 26 cost, untyped damage, can't crit, doesn't get height advantage)
- Level 1 = 75% attack - Level 1 = 90% attack
- Level 20 = 110% attack - Level 20 = 115% attack
Qilin gets a really nice passive, that will be useful to some of the characters who gain access to the job (though Reida may just stick with Magic Up +2 and Ninja Stealth, depending on the map). Swift Cicada gives you a pretty nice agility boost for 3 turns.
Shieldless is on all of the ninja job enhancements, so I'll just cover it here once. It basically changes the damage to untyped, which can be really useful against certain enemies who have resistances to all damage types. It's worthwise a downgrade (fewer charges, +1 cost [why?], and it can't crit or take advantage of height advantages), but how often were you really using Shuriken?

Black Tortoise

Specialized for movement. Has a built in +1 movement.
Characters: Kazahaya, Magnus, Rosa
Old Skill New Skill
Active: Utsusemi (cost 10) Active: Distant Cicada (cost 20)
- Level 1 = Evasion +10 (action start duration: 3) - Level 1 = Evasion +10 (action start duration: 3), MOVE +1 (action start duration: 4)
- Level 20 = Evasion +20 (action start duration: 3) - Level 20 = Evasion +20 (action start duration: 3), MOVE +1 (action start duration: 4)
Active: Tranquilizing Blade (30 cost, 1 range, 1 height) Active: Illusive Lore Blade (26 cost, 4 range [diamond], 2 height, teleport to enemy)
- Level 1 = Attack 50% - Level 1 = Attack 50%
- Level 20 = Attack 75% - Level 20 = Attack 70%
Active (Basic): Shuriken (5 charges, 25 cost, missile damage, can crit, gets height advantage) Active (Basic): Shieldless (3 charges, 26 cost, untyped damage, can't crit, doesn't get height advantage)
- Level 1 = 75% attack - Level 1 = 90% attack
- Level 20 = 110% attack - Level 20 = 115% attack
Black Tortoise is a pretty awesome. They have +1 movement over a normal ninja. The +1 movement on Distant Cicada isn't bad if you really need to move on your next turn, but Illusive Lore Blade is a pretty cool ability. It will teleport you to an enemy up to 4 squares away, then hits all enemies adjacent to your teleportation point with a 100% chance to sleep attack (this needs confirmation, wytesong's compendium says it hits all enemies adjacent to the teleportation point, whereas I see no mention of this in alchemistcodedb). Of course, this is only useful on maps where enemies are susceptible to the sleep condition, but it's great when it can work.

Vermilion Bird

Specialized for height. Has a built in +1 jump.
Characters: Mizuchi, Glanz, Reimi, Yuri, Etna
Old Skill New Skill
Passive: Ninja Stealth (+1 MOVE, +1 JUMP) Passive: Ninja Leap (+1 MOVE, +2 JUMP)
Active: Utsusemi (cost 10) Active: Rising Cicada (cost 20)
- Level 1 = Evasion +10 (action start duration: 3) - Level 1 = Evasion +10 (action start duration: 3), JUMP +1 (action start duration: 4)
- Level 20 = Evasion +20 (action start duration: 3) - Level 20 = Evasion +20 (action start duration: 3), JUMP +1 (action start duration: 4)
Active (Basic): Shuriken (5 charges, 25 cost, missile damage, can crit, gets height advantage) Active (Basic): Shieldless (3 charges, 26 cost, untyped damage, can't crit, doesn't get height advantage)
- Level 1 = 75% attack - Level 1 = 90% attack
- Level 20 = 110% attack - Level 20 = 115% attack
n/a Active: Sneaky Void (26 cost, 3 range [diamond], 2 height, teleport to enemy, inflicts Bind and Daze)
- n/a - Level 1 = Attack 50%
- n/a - Level 20 = Attack 70%
Vermilion Bird is very similar to Black Tortoise, except it focuses more on jump. Ninja as a base class already has a great jump at 4, so it's mostly wasted unless you're using the Ninja Leap passive on a different base class. Sneaky Void is nice, though. It's the same thing as Black Tortoise's Illusive Lore Blade, except that it inflicts Daze and Bind, instead. Whether that's better or worse depends on the enemies that you're fighting, but if the enemy is susceptible to both sleep and daze/bind, then daze/bind would edge out since you don't need to worry about the enemy waking up (bear in mind, though, that support spells can still be cast through daze).

White Tiger

Focused on evasion. +5 built-in evasion.
Characters: Mikoto, Mia, Celliaz, Ira
Old Skill New Skill
n/a Reactive: Hidden Tiger Technique
- n/a - Level 1 = PerfectAvoid +10%
- n/a - Level 20 = PerfectAvoid +25%
Active: Utsusemi (cost 10) Active: Swift Cicada (cost 26)
- Level 1 = Evasion +10 - Level 1 = Evasion +25
- Level 20 = Evasion +20 - Level 20 = Evasion +50
Active: Smoke Bomb (5 charges, 10 cost, range self, area square) Active: Pitch-Black Bomb (3 charges, 20 cost, range 4 [diamond], area 2 [diamond])
- Level 1-20 = Blind Hit Rate -15%, Blind Evasion Rate -15% - Level 1-20 = Blind Hit Rate -40%, Blind Evasion Rate -15%
Active (Basic): Shuriken (5 charges, 25 cost, missile damage, can crit, gets height advantage) Active (Basic): Shieldless (3 charges, 26 cost, untyped damage, can't crit, doesn't get height advantage)
- Level 1 = 75% attack - Level 1 = 90% attack
- Level 20 = 110% attack - Level 20 = 115% attack
White Tiger is pretty great. It has a nice evasion reactive, so the job is useful even if you're not using it as a base class. The fairly expensive Swift Cicada gives you a really nice evasion boost; and if you want to increase your evasion even further, you can lower your opponent's hit rate (if they're susceptible to Blind).

Azure Dragon

Focused in attack.
Characters: Thillie, D'Artagnan, Sazuka, Sakura
Old Skill New Skill
Active: Smoke Bomb (5 charges, 10 cost, range self, area square) Active: Pitch-Black Bomb (3 charges, 20 cost, range 4 [diamond], area 2 [diamond])
- Level 1-20 = Blind Hit Rate -15%, Blind Evasion Rate -15% - Level 1-20 = Blind Hit Rate -40%, Blind Evasion Rate -15%
Active: Venom Blade (Height 1) Active: Venomous Twin Blade (Height 2)
- Level 1 = 50% attack, 1 hit - Level 1 = 55% attack per hit, 2 hits
- Level 20 = 75% attack, 1 hit - Level 20 = 60.5% attack per hit, 2 hits
Active: Viper Blade (30 cost, 1 height, area: target) Active: Dragon Blade (38 cost, 2 height, area: target + square to left and right of target)
- Level 1 = 50% attack - Level 1 = 110% attack
- Level 20 = 75% attack - Level 20 = 135% attack
Active (Basic): Shuriken (5 charges, 25 cost, missile damage, can crit, gets height advantage) Active (Basic): Shieldless (3 charges, 26 cost, untyped damage, can't crit, doesn't get height advantage)
- Level 1 = 75% attack - Level 1 = 90% attack
- Level 20 = 110% attack - Level 20 = 115% attack
Azure Dragon doesn't get anything too exciting. Further, all of its bonuses are to the main job (other than Shieldless), so if you're not running it as your main job (and you probably won't be), you're not really getting anything out of it. As a result, I'd say that this is the worst of the ninja job enhancements.
submitted by Alsark to AlchemistCodeGL [link] [comments]

2018.10.30 17:54 TopDeeps Upcoming Holy Brawler and Ninja JE Summary

Hello hello, with the upcoming November update, we will be receiving JE's for the HB and Ninja classes. Mind you, with this list I'm putting up, not all mentioned units or JE types will be released upon release (for example we still havent gotten Zain or Tyrfing's Holy cav JE). I will also only be posting units that we currently have in global.
I'm just taking this info and summarizing based off of wytesong's compendium
Holy Brawler (Miroku) - Shekinah, Forcas, Yomi – 1 new skill that can heal and give auto jewel regen for user and any adjacent units
Holy Brawler (Fudo) - Eizan, Freed, Blanchett – Focused palm/Cross counter get stronger based off of unit being low HP, new guts skill, New passive gives Patk if HP <25%
Holy Brawler (Senju) – Eve, Gormalas, Leoniaz, Yauras, Zangetsu, Kazahaya – Replaced Palm shockwave, Exploding palm, Whirlwind kick to skills that hits 3 times. New palm shockwave skill loses its 3 range to 1 range. Palm shockwave keeps its 3 range
Holy Brawler (Shura) – Shayna, Cita, Kudanstein – Charge up gets upgraded to 5x Atk but Pdef/Mdef becomes 0.
Ninja (Qilin) – Reida, Victor, Laevateinn, Lucido – Utsusemi upgraded to give agi as well. New seal subskill that does non-elemental damage (called void seal). New passive gives 25% agi but all other stats -3%
Ninja (Black Tortoise) – Kazahaya, Magnus, Rosa – Utsusemi upgraded to give move as well. New skill that allows unit to teleport up to 4 range and deal damage to adjacent enemies with chance to sleep. New void seal subskill
Ninja (Vermilion Bird) – Mizuchi, Glanz, Reimei, Yuri, Etna – Utsusemi upgraded to give jump as well. New subskill that allows unit to teleport up to 3 range and deal damage to adjacent enemies with chance to bind/daze. New void seal. Upgraded ninja stealth gives 1 more jump
Ninja (White Tiger) – Mikoto, Mia – Utsusemi upgraded to give more evasion than before. New skill that allows unit to teleport up to 4 range and blind units in a 5x5 diamond around user. New reactive ability gives 25% chance to evade phys damage.
Ninja (Azure Dragon) – Thillie, Suzuka, Sakura – New skill that deals damage + blind on units in a 5x5 diamond around user, bonus damage to plants. Upgraded Poison blade that hits 2 times. Upgraded paralyzing blade that will hit in an AoE similar to HB’s exploding palm.
EDIT: what a good day not to log into TAC in the morning to see that gumi already did this. damnit. I guess its a discussion thread now xd.

raise shayna

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2018.05.19 22:29 Karhumies Karhumies guide to farmable units

Karhumies guide to farmable units
I haven't seen a proper guide to farmable units, so I decided to write one.
My previous guides:
1) Veda tower monoelement team building
2) Team building guide 2.0
1) Team building using farmable units:
Ranged team:
If you don’t have triple Sniper, you can use any Ranger (e.g. Ryle J1) or Machinist (e.g. Hazel, Carol, Albea J1) as a substitute. If you are lacking those, you can use any Gunner, Drifter or Hunter as a substitute of a substitute.
Kazahaya is an autobattle “chest grabber” unit. Yomi J2 Ninja can fulfill the same role as Kazahaya, but Yomi is better as J3 Holy Brawler main and switching Yomi's main job back and forth is time consuming which is why I would suggest using Kazahaya instead.
For more difficult battles where you need to play manually, you can run Vettel or Chloe Holy Cavalier tank to take hits so your other squishy long range units will stay safe. Tanks are horrible autobattle units because the AI tends to rush ahead with everyone and the tank gets left behind due to low AGI, Move and Jump.
Nuke team:
Triple Chronomancer for giving multiple extra Overclock turns to the nuke unit. Reagan J3 Chronomancer can fulfill the same role as Chihaya, but Reagan is better as J2 Sniper main and switching Reagan’s main job back and forth is time consuming which is why I would suggest using Chihaya instead.
All-around solid team:
You can’t go wrong with double Holy Brawler…unless you are facing a bunch of fire units, or if you would need to deal massive turn 1 AoE damage. Holy Brawlers have mostly single target attacks only. Chronomancer with healing capabilities is a solid all-around support unit, who can also deal decent MATK damage with Black Hole if necessary. The fourth slot gets more interesting. Reagan is a solid choice, since he can Quicken the Holy Brawlers in the beginning and then start shooting from range. Reagan has also the option of taking Chronomancer passive instead of Sniper damage boost passive to get a second Assault Burst per fight to ignore enemy PDEF in order to shoot down e.g. Veda Mandragoras from a long range. Zangetsu PATK nuke becomes a dedicated Overclock target for Rahu, which contributes extra damage output as long as you know what you are doing and don’t let Zangetsu get prematurely killed (he’s semi squishy). Reida is an option for additional MATK damage, e.g. for maps which have some Mandragoras with high PDEF but low MDEF.
2) Individual units analysis
Role - Element - Name - X stars base - Job 1 / Job 2 / Job 3
Long term main job / Alternative main job depending on content / Long term secondary job / Not very viable as main or secondary long term
Worth farming to Max lv 85 (MAX level & stats, unlock 3rd Gear slot):
Charge Up + Grand Cross 2 turn build-up attack kills almost anything in the game without resistance to PATK or Fire. However, Zangetsu is pretty much useless until J3 unlock. Zangetsu is the best farmable PATK nuke unit in global currently, with Zahar and Freed being arguably the second and third best.
Potential alternative PATK units (NOTE: emphasis on J1 & farmables. All inferior to lv 85 Zangetsu as PATK nuke though IMO): Zahar J3 Dark Cavalier (farmable unit), Freed J3 Dragon Knight + J2 Martial Artist (farmable unit), Sakura J1 Blademaster (limited time collaboration unit), Gilgamesh J1 King with J3 Overdrive passive unlocked (limited time collaboration unit), Zain J1 Lord Commander (SSM recurring event unit), Fate Yomi J2 Necromancer (limited time collaboration unit), Dorothea J1 Necromancer, Cita J1 Warrior with Charge Up from J2 unlocked (limited time collaboration unit), Shenmei J1 Pirate, Gormalas J1 Pirate.
Best farmable MATK nuke unit in Global currently. She currently has a monopoly of the farmable MATK nuke role. I mean sure there is Peridot limited time farmable J3 Sage and Kagura Sacred Stone Memories recurring event farmable MATK units which are both OK MATK units, but Reida is simply superior to both of them.
Potential alternative MATK units (NOTE: emphasis on J1 & farmables. All except Fung Liu J2 Sage are inferior to lv 85 Reida as MATK nuke though IMO): Fung Liu J2 Sage (superior to Reida if you have this), Zain J1 Lord Commander (SSM recurring event unit), Illyasviel J1 Master Magician (limited time collaboration unit), Rin Tohsaka J1 Jewel Magician (limited time collaboration unit), Vincent J1 Sage, Peridot J3 Sage (limited time farmable unit), Soleil J1 Sage, Kagura J3 Blaze Orb Princess (SSM recurring event farmable unit).
Lucian is useful already with Job 1 Beast Tamer main + Job 2 Martial Artist secondary. Unlocking Job 3 does not change his role, but the Holy Brawler skills “override” all his other skills by simply being better.
Some alternative all-around units (emphasis on J1): Shayna J1 Holy Brawler, Zain J1 Lord Commander (SSM recurring event unit), Cita J1 Warrior (limited time collaboration unit), Spica J1 Warrior, Shenmei J1 Pirate, Gormalas J1 Pirate, Fate Yomi J2 Necromancer (limited time collaboration unit), Dorothea J1 Necromancer, Forcas J1 Valkyrie.
Yomi is pretty much useless until J3 unlock. I mean sure you could try running her as J2 Ninja but seriously speaking, Yomi J2 Ninja is the power level of Mizuchi J3 Ninja, and I don’t see or hear people talking about their incredible Mizuchi teams. After unlocking J3, Yomi is very much like Lucian, except she has a better leader skill (+30% Strike ATK instead of +20% for Lucian).
Worth farming to Max lv 80 (unlock unit specific Story quest):
One of the best support units in global. Also the least squishy Chronomancer we have.
Very tanky character with a solid leader skill. Super low AGI, but the level 80 story quest completion helps with this a little bit.
Vettel as a 5 star base unit is arguably worth farming to Max lv 85 and beyond in order to farm extra soul shards, convert those into soul coins, and convert those into soul shards for non farmable units.
Tends to be slightly less useful than Vettel for 2 reasons: 1) her leader skill isn’t as good and 2) the AI enemies tend to be Dark element quite frequently, and Chloe has weakness to Dark element. Nevertheless, Chloe is a nice substitute unit for an autobattle team because after she replaces a dead unit, Chloe is very tough and difficult “road block” for the AI enemies to kill.
Chloe as a 5 star base unit is arguably worth farming to Max lv 85 and beyond in order to farm extra soul shards, convert those into soul coins, and convert those into soul shards for non farmable units.
If you want to get 2x farmable PATK nuke unit e.g. for Veda Tower, Zahar is probably your second best option after Zangetsu. If you think that Zangetsu is everything you will ever need, then arguably you might not see a point in farming Zahar unless you are expecting Light element enemies (and even then, you could just run a Necromancer which has Dark attacks without being weak to Light enemies).
Worth farming to Max lv 75 (unlock J3 & minimum level requirement for J+)
Rahu is arguably worth raising to Max Lv 85 just because it’s possible, even though she doesn’t really benefit from the 75 -> 85 upgrade all that much because Rahu’s value is in her ability set starting immediately from J1 which do not get a EXP level boost; not in her stats or amount of gear equipped which do get a EXP level boost. Rahu is arguably the best (as in most versatile, all 3 jobs are useful) support unit in Global currently. Rahu is also the best all-around unit for a newbie player to run in Multiplayer maps. Overclock everyone’s “carry” units and clear content, no problem.
Gane is a farmable professor with relatively high AGI. If you are looking for Professor main + Professor sub unit for Veda in Water element, he beats both Elizabeth J1 Professor and Michael J+ Professor+ IMO.
Lamia is arguably not worth raising into Max lv 75+ unless you have her Job+. Dragon Knight is not THAT good as a standalone job.
Freed is arguably not worth raising into max level 75+ since we have Zangetsu to fulfill the PATK nuke role. However, if you need multiple PATK units e.g. for Veda Tower, Dragon Knight main with Charge Up from Martial Artist secondary is actually very solid.
Worth farming to Max lv 70 (unlock second gear slot)
If you don't feel like equipping story units with double protective gear (armor + accessory), you might choose to farm them all the way to max Lv 85 for the extra HP, PDEF and MDEF stats so they don't die as easily in autobattle.
Logi is arguably worth farming into Max lv 75+ due to high starting jewels allowing turn 1 Master Ability. Logi is a decent beginner tank, but Vettel and Chloe are both much better farmable tanks.
Dias is arguably worth farming into Max lv 75+ due to high starting jewels allowing turn 1 Master Ability. High level Dias has arguably some niche uses as a Master Ability rat killer.
Edgar has a ranged Stop attack at Drifter main job ability level 20. Otherwise, Edgar, is not a particularly notable unit and he’s quite squishy. His squishiness can be an issue in Chapter 2 Hard map autobattles, so extra HP and extra PDEF or extra elemental resistance gear is preferred over attack boost gear.
Worth farming to Max lv 65 (unlock J2)
Melda is a great all-around beginner unit with Beast Tamer main J1, and starts dealing decent damage after unlocking Single Blade passive from J3. However, Beast Tamer gets outclassed by Holy Brawler job (Lucian and Yomi J3) in the end game. This pushes Melda into two niche unit roles: 1) she is useful if you need an all-around solid Fire unit and haven't pulled something like Dorothea J1 Necromancer, Sakura J1 Blademaster (limited time collab unit) or Rin Tohsaka J1 Jewel Magician (limited time collab unit). 2) Melda is useful in some EX content due to high AGI and MOVE from Thief main job combined with Enrage effect from Beast Tamer secondary job.
Not worth farming currently in global until these units get a Job+ or something
One of the great things about TAC is that even many of the currently "useless" units will get upgrades later on due to Job+, Job Enhancements and other stuff which is already out in the Japanese server (but will take ages to arrive into the Global server). So many of these units will not be "useless" forever. For more information about future unit upgrades, find out someone who knows about the JP server.
Dedicated healers are inferior to Chronomancer + Healer combination (e.g. Rahu) and Professors (Vaccine + some healing abilities). Having said that, if you don’t have access to a Professor for Veda tower, you might consider running a Chemist main job with Priest or Bishop secondary job (e.g. Alyu or Melia) for Veda Tower, since Chemist main job has Vaccine just like Professor, BUT Chemist has smaller AoE for the Vaccine.
Dedicated healers without Vaccine have only niche usability as “Veda crap healers”. Basically, some important team member without self-healing capabilities (e.g. Gilgamesh, Zain, any Holy Brawler) is injured from the previous Veda floor, your best support units with healing capabilities are unavailable until the next refresh (e.g. Rahu Bishop or any Professor), and the current floor has the enemies starting from far away, so you can bring along a “crap healer” whose main job is to heal the important unit a couple of times before the party starts moving forwards towards the enemy.
Crap tanks
J3 Holy Knight means practically a lot of effort to unlock “an extra Logi”. Any Holy Cavalier is superior.
Crap ranged units
Any Sniper, Ranger or Machinist is superior to running one of these guys.
Farmable units which do not even go up to 5 stars
submitted by Karhumies to AlchemistCodeGL [link] [comments]

2018.03.20 10:48 Karhumies Beginner guide to team building

Beginner guide to (monoelement) team building (for Veda Tower)
I have seen a lot of beginner questions related to (Veda Tower) team building lately. Since I haven’t run into a decent guide which I would be able to send a link to, I decided to write a “basic”/beginner friendly team building guide myself.
  1. Short-term versus long-term team building goals
  2. Recommended ways to spend gems in the beginning
  3. Veda tower intro
  4. “Basic”/beginnebalanced/jack-of-all-trades team composition and recommended (main) jobs for each role
  5. Beginner-friendly (J1 and J2 emphasised) element-specific recommendations for each “basic role” in monoelement teams
1. Short-term versus long-term team building goals
Your SHORT-TERM priority is to level up 5 ANY units total to lvl 57+, main job mastery for story mode and regular event maps.
Your LONG-TERM priority #1 is to level up 5 units per EVERY ELEMENT (5 units x 6 elements = 30 units) to lvl 57+, main job mastery to create monoelement teams for Veda tower. Add a few support units (e.g. 2x Bishop, 3x Chronomancer, 1x Professor) which can be any element if you keep them far away from danger.
Your LONG-TERM priority #2 is to level up a team of specific 1 unit "role" for EX multiplayer clear (Chronomancer is typically a great unit to lvl up first for EX MP, pretty much always useful and allowed into parties!) -> specific 4 unit "roles" for EX single player clear to lvl 75+, all 3 jobs mastery. The roles you need are at least a little bit different to each EX map. Although sometimes you can "brute force" without some roles.
2. Recommended ways to spend gems in the beginning
A good way to spend your gems in the beginning is 1) 500 for 10x unit summon to get any 4+ stars units for monoelement teams (even many 3 star units are great filler units, especially if you get enough copies for J3) 2) 300 for 10x gear summon to get good weapon gear because the boost to PATK helps a lot with "breaking through" the only J1 unlocked unit lvl 60 limit to advance in veda tower (you can shuffle around the gear between veda tower levels for huge stat boosts to each team) 3) get job lvl materials from shop to get job masteries. 1500 gems worth of Gear Rod, Monarch Shield, Monarch Sword, Compass, etc. 10-45 gems per equipment purchases is waaaaaay more useful in the beginning than 1500 for 10x unit summon.
3. Veda tower intro
In Veda tower, elemental weakness and resistance plays a huge role. That’s why you typically want to have all damage dealers in the team to be of the same element for which the enemies have a weakness to maximise the damage buff from your leader skill. Tank and support unit can be from “off-color” element. The 4 primary element teams of fire, water, wind and thunder are the most important because you can always exploit the enemy weakness without exposing your weakness. Because light and dark are weak to each other, building these teams are a “double edged sword” because the enemy can always exploit your team’s weakness as well. To avoid getting your weakness exposed, it’s possible to completely skip building a light team or a dark team for Veda tower levels 1-40. For the more difficult levels 41+ of the Veda tower coming in the future, you might need to build these teams eventually though. So it’s not like you can skip leveling light and dark units completely.
EDIT x2: My "basic teams" used for clearing Veda Tower twice in the link below (sorry for Water description text half missing)
Water missing text:
Support #1 & "Melee" MATK unit & MDEF tank: Lofia J1 Magic Swordsman with secondary Job Chronomancer to Quicken Shayna. Support #2 Elizabeth J1 Professor for Vaccine and single target heals. Subs: Mizuchi J1 Hunter with move bonus passive from J3 Ninja, Lamia J1 Spearman. Could choose to run Chloe light tank over Lamia as a sub. Looking forward to unlocking Lamia J3 Dragon Knight (farmable unit) in the future.
Other units I used:
EDIT: Status effects
Status effects - inflicting them to the enemy:
Sometimes, inflicting a strong status effect on a troublesome opponent in Veda tower is almost the same as killing them outright, especially if the status effect prevents the enemy from using OP skill like 5x DEF buff to all enemies. Strong status effects include at least Stop (at least Ninja and Chronomancer), Petrify (at least Magic Swordsman), Enrage (at least Beast Tamer), Charm (at least Thief) and Silence (at least Magic Swordsman).
Status effects - healing them from your party:
Petrify and Death Sentence are "killed outright" statuses unless dealt with, and many others like Paralyze, Blind and Slow can make your guys completely useless for at least a few turns (which could result in them getting helplessly killed in the meanwhile). Professor job skill Vaccine is the superior choice to AoE remove status effects from your party. If you don't have a healthy Professor, then Chemist can cure all status effects other than Death Sentence using a smaller AoE range version of Vaccine. Priest / Bishop can heal Death Sentence status, but not any other statuses.
EDIT x3: Super fast units
For some Veda Tower levels (e.g. 19 and 34), having a single super high AGI super high mobility unit to kill (e.g. COMBO attack, Assault Burst) or disable (e.g. Stop, Petrify, Silence, Enrage, Charm) the Mandragora who would apply a 5x DEF buff before it gets its first turn to act is super useful. I recommend using either a Ninja or Thief main job for this, with Beast Tamer secondary job being pretty good for the Enrage effect. Kazahaya J3 Ninja, Mizuchi J3 Ninja, Melda J2 Thief with secondary job Beast Tamer should all be good options. Level them up to 57+, job master them and add +AGI gear (e.g. Swallow Scarf) to make them go faster. Look at Veda Tower guide to see how much AGI you need for each level.
Screenshots of my Lvl 61 Kazahaya for reference:
NOTE: I was using 4x random Level 20-30 crap units as sacrificial units for level #34 (Kazahaya kills Mandragora turn 1 with combo help from the crap units, everyone dies, then bring a real party to clear the map with Mandragora gone)
4. “Basic”/beginnebalanced/jack-of-all-trades team composition and recommended (main) jobs for each role
My recommended “generic”/balanced/jack-of-all-trades team composition is:
1x Ranged damage dealer + 1x Melee damage dealer + 1x Tank + 1x Leader skill unit (or 2nd tank/ranged unit/support) + 1x Support
EDIT: My recommended story mode team compositions are:
First time no deaths clear: 1x story unit + 2x Ranged unit + 1x Support unit (preferably Chronomancer or Merchant) OR 1x story unit + 3x ranged unit. Attacking enemies from range is OP in story mode due to the AI being an idiot who only moves towards you to attack if you get close enough. 1 Sniper or Ranger can clear even boss fights just standing still and shooting at the boss every turn.
Multiple times repeated auto battle with chests: 1x story unit + 2x Ranged Unit + 1x chest grabber (e.g. Ninja, Thief, Assassin - anything with high AGI and Move)
Multiple times repeated auto battle without chests (e.g. Gold Rush ADV): 4x Ranged unit, no skills.
Skip ticket shard farming: 6x unit which needs EXP. Skip ticket has 100% clear rate so your team composition and unit level should not matter at all!
1x Ranged damage dealer
Ranged damage dealers are super important in beginner teams. They are typically squishy but relatively fast. AI is a total idiot, so a super long range unit like a Sniper or Ranger can typically keep hitting enemies from range and those enemies won’t even move closer when it’s their turn to act. Idiots. For story mode and non-EX event maps, you can even run a team composition of 3x ranged unit of whatever element + support unit + story mode character / tank for faster and easier map clearing. Get rekt from range FTW. NOTE: Sniper job skill Assault Burst is able to hit through high PDEF enemies for which you would otherwise need a magic damage unit, reducing the need for mage classes.
Recommended main jobs for long range damage: Sniper, Ranger
Alternative main job for AoE short range damage: Machinist
Substitute main job if you are lacking the good ones: Hunter, Gunner, Drifter
1x Melee damage dealer
EDIT x2: There are multiple types of melee jobs:
EDIT x2: "All around great" jobs tend to dominate the advanced team composition tier lists with Holy Brawler as super popular main job and Martial Artist as super popular secondary job. As for a second best category, that comes down to specific scenario and/or personal preference . I personally prefer the "heavy defense" melee classes, especially for beginner teams which are facing enemies with enemy unit level > player unit level. For example, Veda Tower level 75 units vs. player's level 57-60 units. Being able to survive at least one hit is critically important when the enemy level is so much higher than the player unit level. Other players in this thread have voiced their personal preference for "heavy damage" classes, especially if the team has a Chronomancer support to back them up.
Counter attack or jewel absorb reactions are currently great in global.
NOTE: Samurai job skill Steel Cutting Blade is able to hit through high PDEF enemies for which you would otherwise need a magic damage unit, reducing the need for mage classes.
Recommended beginner friendly main jobs: Holy Brawler (middle of the road), Blademaster (middle of the road?), Warrior (high PDEF, high PATK, slow), Pirate (tanky), Necromancer (middle of the road?), Samurai (middle of the road + Steel Cutting Blade), Martial Artist (middle of the road but not very powerful unless you apply the 2.5x ATK buff from Martial Artist secondary Job skill).
Recommended main jobs for advanced team compositions: Ninja (elemental PATK coverage, fast, squishy), Dragon Cavalier & Dark Cavalier (super high PATK, slow, low PDEF, multiple support Chronomancers appreciated), Twin Blade Swordsman (glass cannon)
Recommended secondary jobs: Anything with self-buffs, really. Holy Brawler for 3x PATK buff skill, Martial Artist for 2.5x PATK buff skill, Chronomancer for casting Quicken on self.
Alternative main job for particular maps: For some (Veda) levels, you need a super high AGI and high movement unit to kill or enrage something turn 1 before that enemy gets to use an evil skill (e.g. 5x DEF buff to all enemies). Ninja and Beast Tamer can fill such niche roles, with Thief being an alternative as well.
Substitute main jobs if you are lacking the good ones: Holy Cavalier, Holy Knight, Beast Tamer, Spearman, etc.
1x Tank
Tank should not be squishy at all. Typically slow as hell. More HP and defence is better. If the tank unit has a counter attack reaction, that’s currently a big bonus in global. Damage reduction reactions (e.g. Guard % up) are also great for taking less damage. HP absorb reactions are risky because if the units takes enough damage and dies, HP absorb won’t trigger, whereas a damage reduction ability could have saved the unit.
Recommended main jobs: Valkyrie, Holy Cavalier, Holy Brawler, Warrior, Indomitable Axe Knight, Pirate
Substitute main jobs if you are lacking the good ones: Bride/Bridegroom, Dark Cavalier, Dark Knight, Holy Knight
1x Leader skill unit - versatile role
The less squishy the better. You might run a completely useless unit just for the leader skill. In that case, you can make the unit into a “pin cushion tank”, where his main skill is taking sacrificial hits so the other team members (damage dealers) don’t have to die.
Recommended leader skills for beginners: +50% PATK for element, +30% PATK and +20% HP for element
Alternative leader skill to max tank survivability: +50% HP for element
Alternative leader skill for advanced (especially non-mono-element) team compositions: +30% damage type X (missile, slash, magic, whatever) regardless of unit element
Fallback leader skills: +30%/+20% PATK for element
1x Support unit
Typically super squishy.
Recommended main jobs: Chronomancer for Overclock and magic damage Black Hole, Bishop or Priest for AoE heals, Professor for Vaccine and single target heals, Enchanter for buffs.
Alternative main jobs: Special support classes such as Merchant (Aruba) for gem buffs, Bride (Lucretia) for strange heal + buff + damage combo, etc.
Recommended secondary jobs: Chronomancer for Quicken, Bishop or Priest for heals, Enchanter for buffs.
2x reinforcement unit
Most likely whatever crap unit you have of a reasonably high unit level + job level of the right element. Typically pin cushion tanks. HOWEVER, there is also a strategy of sacrificing one of your starter units (semi) intentionally to get replaced by your reinforcement unit #1 to get that replacement unit #1 into a better “starting position” (e.g. tank unit spawns closer to the enemy, or melee damage dealer spawns after you have killed all the enemy ranged units) in the map.
EDIT x4: "Useless" main jobs
Not all jobs are created equal! Some of the "basic" jobs are crap or mediocre 90+% of the time.
5. Beginner-friendly (J1 and J2 emphasised) element-specific recommendations for each “basic role” in monoelement teams
EDIT: If and when you happen to unlock J2/J3 for a particular unit, look for an advanced unit guide for details. This guide is especially focused on J1 of non-farmable units, and J2/J3 of farmable units and support units mostly.
Water is possibly the easiest beginner team to build, with lots of solid J1 and J2 units.
Ranged - recommendation: Reagan J2 Sniper (shard grindable unit)
Ranged - fallback: Elaine J1 Hunter, Mizuchi J1 Hunter
Melee - recommendation: Shayna J1 Holy Brawler, Shenmei J1 Pirate, Forcas J1 Valkyrie, Lamia J3 Dragon Knight (shard farmable unit, already fallback usable at J1/J2)
Melee - fallback: Lamia J1 Spearman (shard grindable unit, gets much better at J3), Lofia J1 Magic Swordsman (MATK unit, shard grindable unit, becomes recommended support unit at J2/J3)
Tank - recommendation: Forcas J1 Valkyrie, Shayna J1 Holy Brawler, Shenmei J1 Pirate
Tank - fallback: Lamia J2 Holy Knight (shard grindable unit, becomes melee recommended unit at J3), borrow a light element tank (e.g. Logi, Tyrfing, Kanon, Chloe)
Leader skill - recommendation: Shayna, Shenmei +50% Water PATK
Water Supports - recommended: Gane J2 Professor, Elizabeth J1 Professor, Lofia J2 Enchanter / J3 Chronomancer (shard grindable unit, already usable at J1 Magic Swordsman as melee fallback/magic tank recommended MATK/MDEF unit), Reagan J3 Chronomancer (shard grindable unit, better as J2 Sniper in a water element team)
Water Supports - fallback: Alexis J1 Priest, Reagan J1 Chemist (if you have not unlocked J2 Sniper yet), Michael J2 Chemist / J3 Chronomancer (since Michael is a 3 stars unit, getting the J3 unlocked eventually with duplicates is actually reasonable)
Fire is the colour of melee units. Fire team is also relatively easy team to build, with lots of great J1 and J2 units. You might need to borrow a tank and/or a support from another element, though, if you haven’t pulled Vettel or Eve.
Ranged - recommended: Shekinah J1 Ranger (PotK collab limited time unit, long range), Hazel J1 Machinist (short range AoE), Courage J1 Sniper (long range)
Ranged - fallback: Richie J2 Hunter
Melee - recommended: Sakura J1 Blademaster, Dorothea J1 Necromancer, Zangetsu J3 Dragon Cavalier (already fallback usable as J1 Samurai and J2 Martial artist, shard grindable unit), Masamune J2 Twin Blade Swordsman (already fallback usable as J1 Samurai, free but limited time unit)
Melee - fallback: Reimei J1 Ninja (fast but squishy) / J2 Martial Artist, Chihaya J2 Samurai (shard grindable unit), Melda J1 Beast Tamer, Zangetsu J1 Samurai / J2 Martial artist (shard grindable unit, J3 Dragon Cavalier is way better though), Masamune J1 Samurai (free but limited time unit, much better as J2 Twin Blade Swordsman though)
Tank - recommended: Vettel J2 Holy Cavalier
Tank - fallback: Take a light element tank (e.g. Logi, Tyrfing, Kanon, Chloe)
Leader skill - recommended: Cadanova & Reimei +50% PATK
Support - recommended: Eve J2 Chronomancer + Bride, Chihaya J3 Chronomancer (shard grindable unit)
Support - fallback: Eve J1 Bride, Alyu J2 Bishop
We don’t have that many thunder units in the pool currently, making it semi hard / luck-of-the-draw based to build a good all-thunder team. For all roles, there is pretty much only 1-2 options, and for support we are really lacking a decent thunder Chronomancer and Bishop. That being said, if you do pull some thunder units, many of them are usable already from J1 and J2, making them beginner friendly if you happen to get some of them.
Ranged - recommended: Magnus J2 Machinist (short range AoE), Caris J3 Sniper (shard grindable unit, long range)
Ranged - fallback: Caris J1 Gunner (shard grindable unit), Magnus J1 Gunner, Edgar J2 Drifter (free story unit), Lucido J1 Hunter
Melee - recommended: Monzein J2 Dragon Knight (already fallback usable at J1), Teona J1 Valkyrie, Laevateinn J2 Ninja (already fallback usable at J1 Dark Knight)
Melee - fallback: Retzius J1/J2 SoldieBeast Tamer, Dilga J1/J2 SoldieMartial Artist, Laevateinn J1 Dark Knight (becomes recommended at J2 Ninja), Monzein J1 Indomitable Axe Knight (becomes recommended at J2 Dragon Knight)
Tank - recommended: Monzein J1 Indomitable Axe Knight
Tank - fallback: Teona J1 Valkyrie (gets much, much better at tanking with J3 Holy Cavalier though but good luck & have fun trying to get that unlocked), Dilga J1 Soldier, Retzius J1 Soldier, take a light element tank (e.g. Tyrfing, Logi, Kanon, Chloe)
Leader skill - Lucretia & Monzein +50% PATK thunder
Support - recommended: Aruba J1 Merchant
Support - fallback: Lucretia J1 Bride, Megistos J2 Bishop, take the support (Chronomancer or Bishop) from another element
Wind element requires lots of time (500 for 10x unit summon banners to pull duplicates) to develop. Typically 75 shards investment for J3 is required to make almost anyone useful. Lots of characters are mediocre until J3. Beginner players might choose to use their Fire team or Thunder team against Thunder enemies if their Wind team is completely crap. The exception to this is the new ranged units Bishosen and Seida and the limited PotK collaboration unit Cita, which are great already from J1. We will also get a very good wind ranged unit in story mode very soon to global.
Ranged - recommended: Bashosen J1 Machinist (shot range AoE), Seida J1 Ranger (long range), Milis J3 Ranger (soon-to-be-released story unit)
Ranged - fallback: Almira J1 Hunter (becomes much, much stronger as J3 Sniper though. Since Almira is a 3 stars unit, it's actually reasonable to get that unlocked eventually with duplicates), Milis J1 Hunter (soon-to-be-released story unit)
Melee - recommended: Cita J1 Warrior (PotK collab limited time unit), Lucian J3 Holy Brawler (shard grindable unit, already fallback usable at J1/J2)
Melee - fallback: Lucian J1 Beast Tamer / J2 Martial Artist (shard grindable unit, becomes recommended at J3 Holy Brawler), Balt J1 Twin Blade Swordsman (mediocre at J1 but one of the strongest units in the game at J3 Dark Cavalier but good luck & have fun trying to get that unlocked), Yomi J2 Ninja (gets much, much stronger at J3 Holy Brawler but good luck & have fun trying to get that unlocked)
Tank - recommended: Cita J1 Warrior (PotK collab limited time unit)
Tank - fallback: Take a light tank (e.g. Tyrfing, Kanon, Logi, Chloe)
Leader skill - recommended: Seida +50% PATK Wind, Cita +30% PATK +20% HP Wind, Bashosen +30% Missile dmg +20% HP Wind.
Support - recommended: Rahu J2 Chronomancer + Bishop (shard grindable unit, already usable at J1), Hazuki J2 Professor / J3 Enchanter
Support - fallback: Celine J2 Bishop, Melia J1 Priest, Polin J3 Priest or Job+ Bard+ (free but limited time unit)
Light is the element for tanks. You might also take Ryle sometimes into the party against dark units if you can keep him at a distance from the enemies’ dark attacks. For melee and support, you don't really have a lot of options at the moment.
Ranged - recommended: Ryle J1 Ranger (long range), Carol J1 Machinist (AoE)
Ranged - fallback: take unit from another element
Melee - recommended: Spica J1 Warrior, Suzuka J2 Ninja (needs J3 passives to really shine but good luck & have fun trying to unlock that, already fallback usable at J1), any free unit Holy Cavalier / Holy Knight raised to ridiculously high level (e.g. Level 80+ Logi or Tyrfing)
Melee - fallback: Suzuka J1 Samurai (becomes recommended as J2 Ninja), Fraise J1 Bridegroom, Freed J2 Martial Artist
Leader skill - recommended: Suzuka PATK +50% Light, Ryle PATK+30% & HP +20% Light
Tank - recommended: Chloe J3 Holy Cavalier (shard farmable unit, fallback usable at J1/J2), Tyrfing J3 Holy Cavalier (free but limited time unit, fallback usable at J1/J2), Logi J2 Holy Knight, Kanon J2 Paladin (free but limited time unit, fallback usable at J1 Apprentice Paladin), Victor J1 Holy Cavalier, Spica J1 Warrior
Tank - fallback: Tyrfing J1 Soldier / J2 Holy Knight (becomes recommended at J3 Holy Cavalier), Kanon J1 Apprentice Paladin (becomes recommended at J2 Paladin), Chloe J1 Holy Knight (shard farmable unit, becomes recommended at J3), Fraise J1 Bridegroom
Leader skill - recommended: Suzuka +50% PATK Light, Ryle +30% PATK +20% HP
Support - recommended: Mielikki J1 Enchanter
Support - fallback: Fraise J1 Bridegroom, take support from another element
Dark is the element for super heavy damage. Glass cannons. Very fragile against light units. Dark ranged units would be very useful because enemy light tanks are super sturdy and slow so you want to kill them from range. However, dark ranged units are very limited in the unit pool currently. Beginners might skip building a dark element team completely, unless they pull a dark ranged unit, which is super useful.
Ranged - recommended: Albea J1 Machinist (short range AoE), Dark Princess Yomi J1 Ranger (long range)
Ranged - fallback: Anastasia J2 Crafter (melee fallback usable at J1), take unit from another element
Melee - recommended: Rosa J2 Dragon Cavalier (already fallback usable at J1), Kudanstein J1 Demonic Spearman main with J2 Martial Artist secondary job unlocked (fallback usable without J2 unlock), Reida J1 Shrine Maiden with J2 Sage secondary job unlocked (MATK glass cannon, shard grindable unit), Zahar J3 Dark Cavalier (shard farmable unit, already fallback usable at J1/J2), Aswald J1 Assassin (status effect specialist with OK damage, Assassin job is like Thief+)
Melee - fallback: Dias J2 Dark Knight (free story unit), Rosa J1 Dark Knight (becomes recommended at J2 Dragon Cavalier), Zahar J1 Dark Knight / J2 Dragon Knight (shard farmable, becomes recommended at J3), Anastasia J1 Dark Knight, Kudanstein J1 Demonic Spearman (becomes recommended after unlocking J2 for secondary job)
Leader skill - recommended: Kudanstein, Albea +50% PATK Dark, Dark Princess Yomi +30% Missile +20%HP Dark
Tank - recommended: just take the tank from another element, most likely Light. Your tank is not a damage dealer, so you don’t want the leader skill PATK buff for the tank if that exposes your tank to light weakness.
Support - recommended: just take the support from another element. Your support is not a damage dealer, so you don’t want the leader skill PATK buff for the support if that exposes your support to light weakness.
EDIT: What about magic classes like Mage, Sage, etc.?
Personally, I have not really needed dedicated magic classes unless I am farming Alchemia Pot - ADV on auto. In other words, you can easily build a "beginner team" without any magic units. That being said, it's very much possible to make "an advanced monster team" of e.g. Fung Liu J2 with J3 unlocked + a bunch of Chronomancers for extra turns. Beginners won't have access to those 3-4x Chronomancers, though. They are lucky to maybe have one Chronomancer (Rahu J1), if even that.
What I am using instead of mage classes for the Apple garden rats and Veda Tower Mandragoras:
Against Rats (high PDEF & high MDEF) & Mandragoras (high PDEF, low MDEF):
Sniper main job - Assault Burst. Main job Ability level 20, limit 1 per fight, costs 32 jewels per use = medium cost.
Samurai main job - Steel Cutting Blade. Main job Ability level 20, limit 3 per fight, 48 jewels per use = expensive.
Against Mandragoras (high PDEF, low MDEF) only:
Magic Swordsperson main job / second job - Elemental blade skills (wind, fire, ice, fire), 3 uses per fight for each, 24 jewels per use = cheap. Main job skill gives extra range compared to secondary job.
Bishop main job - Holy Ray & Shining magical damage attacks. Both unlocked before main ability level 20. Holy Ray 36 jewels, 5 uses per fight. Shining 54 jewels, 3 uses per fight.
Chronomancer main job - Black Hole magical damage attack. Main job ability level 20, limit 3 per fight, costs 56 jewels = super expensive to use, but then again Chronomancer starts with full starting jewels.
Priest main job - Seraphic Gate magical damage attack. Main job ability level 20, limit 3 per fight, costs 54 jewels = super expensive to use, but then again Priest starts with full starting jewels.
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2018.01.21 16:20 ktl09 The Alchemist Code GL 18/01/18 Summon Survey Results

Disclaimer: I'm probably gonna do some bad math (intentionally and unintentionally) here and there. Please correct me if you see anything wrong. I'm going to use the tables wrongly as well to conserve space.
Useful links:
Summon Basics: Out of the 312 submissions, 284 were used to calculate the present results. Tbh, I was really expecting this many respondents because of how angry the community was (?) .  
Unit No. %
Total no. of units pulled 2840 --
5* units pulled 228 8.03%
4* units pulled 516 18.17%
3* units pulled 2096 73.80%

Laevateinn Banner I: Out of the 284 submissions, 138 of them were from the Laevateinn banner.
Unit No. %
Total no. of units pulled in this banner 1380 --
5* units pulled in this banner 122 8.84%
4* units pulled in this banner 258 18.70%
3* units pulled in this banner 1000 72.46%

Laevateinn Banner II:
Unit No. %
Total no. of Laevateinn pulled in this banner 32 --
Laevateinn pulls / All units -- 2.32%
Laevateinn pulls / All 5* -- 26.23%
Shekinah and Cita Banner I: Out of the 284 submissions, 146 of them were from the Shekinah and Cita banner.
Unit No. %
Total no. of units pulled in this banner 1460 --
5* units pulled in this banner 106 7.26%
4* units pulled in this banner 258 17.67%
3* units pulled in this banner 1096 75.07%

Shekinah and Cita Banner II:
Unit No. %
Total no. of Banner units pulled 37 --
Cita pulls 20 54.05%
Shekinah pulls 17 45.95%
Banner units / All units 2.53%
Banner units / 5* units 34.91%
Cita / All Banner units 54.05%
Cita / All units 1.37%
Shekinah / All Banner units 45.95%
Shekinah / All units 1.16%
4* Ranking Time!: I know this is what you guys really want. ukiyaejl here you go.
Rank Unit No. % over all 4* units pulled
1 Strie 58 11.24%
2 Celine 55 10.66%
3 Freed 54 10.47%
4 Dilga 33 6.4%
5 Melda 33 6.4%
.. .. .. ..
17 Reagan 18 3.49%
18 Hazuki 15 2.91%

The holy trinity has rate ups. End of discussion. jk
Question Time!

Wait, did the pull rate for 5*'s just got nerfed?
We can't really say. The sample size is still far too small to conclude things. If you are going to ask me though, I think it's pretty unlikely. If you look at it the the Shekinah and Cita banner is the one that made the real drop off there (7.26%).
It seems that the banner pull rate has gone down as well?
I am not yet sure how the rate ups really work in this game. I can think of two ways on how it could be done. One is like how banners work in FFBE and second is like each banner unit has a fixed chance (say something around 1.5% fixed) to be pulled regardless of how many banner units there are.
WTH is with Strie, Celine, and Freed?
Seriously, what's with the holy trinity? Jk. Well, it's not the same case for everyone. My 4* Holy Trinity is Freed, Mia, and Dilga.
Is this worth talking about? IMO, yes. Many people here are upset about 5* star rates but as I review these survey results I realize that the real problem lies with the 3's and 4's (that's why I put the overlooked stats last time). Although I'm not sure if I'm gonna post about that.
Are you going to the a survey for the next banners as well?
Not really sure. I don't think there are gonna be fruitful findings, at least for the next banners. Should I? Or should someone else do it (hehe)?

To all those who took their time to fill up the forms and reading this very long post of mine, you are a really big help. Thank you for your time.

TL:DR Still can't conclude properly.
EDIT (January 24, 2018): Hi it's me. There are still probably people eager to fill up another survey for the next banner. But, for now, I won't be doing any surveys. I'd be glad if someone would like to continue this. Thank you!
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2015.07.20 15:58 Akiyama64 Monday Mornings with Akiyama64, Issue 47

Good morning from Washington State. You're welcome to mention what you'd like to see in the Monday Mornings link listing thread to all previous issues.

PvP and Drama

Rumble in Mount Augusta

Notable Crimes, Griefers, and Attacks


General Notables

Cities and Structures

Politics and Maps

Eden Updates

Server Devolpment, Bugs, and Tools

Furnaceland Vanishes

submitted by Akiyama64 to Civcraft [link] [comments]

Control de Citas en Excel & Access - YouTube YouTube Liam y Rita leen citas de la película ' Fifty Shades' [Subtitulado] 4 Historias de citas a ciegas III │ Con Señales podcast ... PassThor - YouTube Control de Citas (Descarga Gratis) - YouTube TINDER A CIEGAS EN LA VIDA REAL con los CRACKS de FREE ... UNA HISTORIA DE AMOR 😊(Free Fire) - YouTube

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  1. Control de Citas en Excel & Access - YouTube
  2. YouTube
  3. Liam y Rita leen citas de la película ' Fifty Shades' [Subtitulado]
  4. 4 Historias de citas a ciegas III │ Con Señales podcast ...
  5. PassThor - YouTube
  6. Control de Citas (Descarga Gratis) - YouTube
  8. UNA HISTORIA DE AMOR 😊(Free Fire) - YouTube
  9. Fred: The Movie - YouTube
  10. Agenda para reservar citas, médicas, ventas, proveedores ...

Muy buenas chicos! Y bienvenidos a esta parte del canal que dudo que alguien alguna vez vea... Subimos videos lunes, miércoles y viernes! Beso en el pezón ♥ ... Sígueme en Instagram para ganarte un saludo: NANDO: Sígueme en TikTok: Nando: Hola, we. Los CRACKS de Fr... Programe citas con su respectivas horas en tiempo presente y futuro, fácil manejo, ideal para negocios independientes de todos los rubros, oficinas, consulto... Muchas gracias a Pepe y Oscar de Señales podcast Síganlos en su canal de Youtube, en Spotify y en todas sus redes, no se van a arrepentir, su contenido es ma... MI INSTAGRAM: Música usada He is we - lwoundn't mind the scientist - codplay soltar -Maxi nievas En esta oportunidad les presento una nueva aplicación para controlar las citas, reuniones, tareas, entre otros. Originalmente está creada para llevar un cont... Liam Payne, Rita Ora - For You (Fifty Shades Freed) (Live On The Today Show / 2018) - Duration: 3:27. FiftyShadesVEVO 6,112,797 views Control de Citas creado en MS Excel & MS Access para gestionar la citas en días específicos. Cuenta con programación VBA bajo conexión ADO. Contacto : djgaga... Fred is in LOVE! In fact, he's in love with the girl next door, Judy. Unfortunately, Fred's nemesis lives across the street, and thwarts each attempt he make... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.